How to make money on matched betting

Explained in simple words for beginners 

When I started to learn how to do matched betting I have to admit it was little bit confusing for me. Maybe it was too much unnecessary information to start with, that’s why I will try to explain it in a very short and easy way, so you can easily understand how everything works. You don’t need to have any knowledge in this. Once you get it it’s so easy and doesn’t take much time and effort and it’s a really good guaranteed risk free income. And there is no limit to make a profit.

Some of you probably will wonder if you really want to do this. I wasn’t 100% confident when I made my first bet, and I wasn’t very happy from registrations on betting sites. I was aware of such things as sharing my data on some online websites or losing my money on scams. But what can you reach if you will be isolated from everything and everybody? Who cares about your name and date of birth? Do you really have so much to lose?

I decided I will give it a go. Nobody stole my money, betting websites are legal and all the method is legal too. I had £15 clean profit the same day when I made my first bet and I’m confident since.

Let’s start with how it works and how we make a profit:

All bookmakers sites offer free bet bonuses for new members and promotions for existing members – here’s how we make our profit, on those bonuses.

For example: bet £5 get £20 free bet, on £20 free bet we will make our profit.

What will happen with our £5?

Our £5 will be qualifying bet, so we can get £20 bonus bet (don’t worry, we will lose only few pence from this £5 and still get our profit)

How do we make qualifying bets?

We will register on one of the bookmakers and will choose a horse race event which would start, let’s say, in one hour, so we don’t wait long for free bet bonus, and bet on a horse named Tornado to win.

Now we are going to register on a bookmaker exchange website and we will bet against ourselves that Tornado won’t win. By making this bet we will loose only few pence, for example 0.20 (sometimes you can even be a few pence in plus). It will be calculated automatically, you don’t need to make your brain work.

So it doesn’t matter if Tornado wins or loses we are covered. Qualifying bet is done. Now we have £20 free bet and ready to make a profit.

How we make a profit:

We will repeat the same process we did with qualifying bet, just with £20 free bet. As the bet is for free, we will be in plus this time. From this free bet you could have up to £20 profit. Sounds good! You can withdraw all your profit from free bets. Easy as a bean!

Let’s do the whole process. 

Through this process you will get your first income, I’m sure after that you will no longer need any help and will do your bets with confident.

All websites and links are legit!

You won’t lose any money!

Step 1

Register with Coral (bet £5 get £20 in free bets)

Deposit just £5 so you can get £20 bonus

When you are already logged in, in the top right corner of the website next to “help” and “contact us” change the odds view from fractional to decimal (it will be easier to compare the odds)

Step 2

Register with Betfair

Deposit £5, you need them to bet against yourself.

Change odds view from fractional to decimal, it’s on the bottom of the site (Pic. 1) 


Step 3

Now you will need to find your qualifying bet. Register for free with Oddsmonkey to use their  oddsmatcher, it will save your time.

Once you are logged in, click on “Tools” from the menu and choose  “Oddsmatcher”.

To make your search easier choose Coral from the filter box (Pic. 2)

Pic.2 Click to Zoom

You will need a bet with the minimum odds of 1.5 (it’s a minimum requirement set by coral for the free bonus)

Odds might be confusing for beginners, 1.5 odds means that you will have 1.5 return if you win, so if you stake £5, your return will be £7.50. If odds are 2, return would be £10. If you don’t get it, don’t worry, all you need to know now is that the odds have to be as close as possible on both bookmakers sites. The smaller odds are, the less money you need to bet on exchange site where you bet against yourself, but also bigger odds mean that you would have more profit. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANY CALCULATIONS, odds calculator will do it for you! As this is a qualifying bet you don’t need big odds. Let’s bet on football event “Gremio V Vasco Da Gama” and you see the odds on both websites are very close (1.57 and 1.63) (Pic.3)

Pic.3 Click to Zoom

Click on the “i” icon in oddsmatcher, it will open calculator for this bet (Pic. 4)

Pic.4 Click to Zoom

Type 5 in the coral stake, make sure it’s switched on normal bet (Pic. 5)

Pic.5 Click to Zoom

You can see your profit will be -0.28 (maximum you can loose £0.28, but will get £20 free bet)

Click on the link “Go to coral” on  calculator, it will redirect you right on our bet. You will see it on the bet slip in the top right corner of the coral website. Type £5 stake and you will see return will be £7.86. Here you will bet for Gremio to win (Pic. 6)

Pic.6 Click to Zoom

Now go back to our calculator, under link “go to betfair” you will see liability £3.13. Liability is the amount of money we need to bet against ourselves, we will bet £3.13. Click on link “go to betfair”, it will open your bet and you have to click on lay all on the second pink colour column with the odds 1.63, then you will see open bet in the right corner of the website. Now you have to follow instructions from the calculator, type in the baker’s stake 4.97, and your liability should be £3.13. Return will be £8.10. Here you bet for Gremio not to win (Pic. 7)

Pic.7 Click to Zoom

It doesn’t matter now who will win, you are covered. You can see, you don’t have to do anything, all calculations are done for you.

So you bet £5 on coral plus £3.13 on betfair, total £8.23 of your money. If coral win, you will lose £3.13 on betfair and will get £7.86 on coral, that mean you will lose £0.27 in total. If bet on betfair wins you will lose £5 on coral and will get £8.10 on betfair, which means your total  loss will be only £0.03.

Free bets bonus usually comes after bets are closed. However, some bookmakers sites can give you it when your bet is still open. On some bookmakers sites you can see your bonus straight after you made your qualifying bet.

When you have your free bet bonus let’s make a profit!


You will basically repeat all the process, just with bigger odds and change calculator from “Normal” to “Free Bet (SNR)”

 As I said earlier, the bigger odds are, bigger profit you will have, but also more money you have to bet on betfair. As you are beginner, let’s use for a start only balance from your qualifying  bet, so you don’t have to deposit any more. It will make you more confident and you will see you can’t lose. Bets with these odds are suitable for low budget. Also your balance will grow and you will have more money to make bets with bigger odds and more profit without any spend from your own pocket.

On Coral they give £10 and £10 free bets. It’s up to you if you want to use it for 1 single bet or for 2. Let’s use just £10 for a start and try odds 2.3 (Pic. 8)

Pic.8 Click to Zoom


 Now you can see your liability will be only £7.80 with the profit of £5.20, that means you would have £13 return. 

When you have your return, you can repeat the same process with the similar odds and bet another £10  of your bonus and get another £5 profit, which means you would have minimum clean profit of £10.

Let’s look at odds 3.5 (Pic. 9)

Pic.9 Click to Zoom

If you stake your free £20 bet with these odds your liability would be £36.81, but how can you see your profit would be bigger.


Now let’s have a look at an example with biggest odds. 17 odds first in a row with high rating (the higher rating is better) (Pic. 10)

Pic.10 Click to Zoom

Let’s open calculator and check how much would be profit and liability on betfair exchange (Pic. 11)

Pic.11 Click to Zoom

Profit looks good, you would bet £299 and your return would be £320 no matter who will win or lose. But I don’t think all beginners would have such an amount of money, that’s why we went through first two examples with less odds and liability.

All up to you! You won’t lose your money! All winnings from free bets are withdrawal! You decide if you want to carry on or keep your £10 profit (or £20 if you made a bet with bigger odds). There are lots and lots of bookmakers sites and they all offer welcome free bets bonuses. Also if you don’t want to do lots of registrations, you can use promotions from your existing bookmakers websites. For example they would offer you £10 bonus if you bet £20, where you do your £20 with the same method as you did your first qualifying bet, without losing your money, and make a profit on £10 free bet, where you can get up to £10 profit. 

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